Here at the Newspaper Mega-Conference in Atlanta, much of the informal talk centers around publishers looking for solutions to improve their local market share of digital revenue.

We just completed a one week sales campaign that generated $165,000 in new business in Schenectady NY.  

Our consultants made sales calls on the street with the Daily Gazette sales team.  That's our usual approach, but in , this case we used Adseller reports from Pulse Research.  With deep rich data in hand, we were able to land more appointments and close more sales.

76% closing ratio in front of qualified decision makers! Ad Seller data helped the local sales team entice decision makers to schedule calls and sell the program. The package we took to market leveraged Social Streaming (Friends 2 Follow) and Extended Audience to sell local banner ads and weekly print ads at great rates within full year contracts.

Here's what the client had to say:

"Having the data from Ad Seller really helped us get the decision maker to the table & generate over $150,000 in new digital (AND PRINT) revenue during the Blinder initiative. Working Pulse & Blinder together in-market, was a real good match!”   Jim Murphy VP – Advertising & Market Development Schenectady (NY) The Daily Gazette

Here's the presentation we used to score this big win for our client:

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