According to a story in Advertising Age, The New York Times is shifting resources from every part of its operation to expand its efforts on mobile platforms.  

The story also implies that the NYT Now app may soon be offered free.  After a few years of experimentation with paywalls, even the nation's most powerful newspaper publishers seem to be getting the message from consumers and advertisers: erecting paywalls is not a growth strategy in the digital arena.

As we work with local media clients across North America, we at The Blinder Group have noted that local businesses are completely aware that mobile is the future of media and advertising.  Despite that awareness, most have no idea how to adapt their marketing to the mobile explosion.  That creates a huge opportunity in terms of poviding mobile solutions at the local level.  

Whether it is simply defining mobile ad stragegies that will give your clients the most impact from appearing on your mobile site, or adopting sophisticated location based targeting products like those offered by Adstrix, the time to take action is NOW.  

Businesses in your local market are seeking solutions, and your media company is already their trusted source.  Call today if you would like help taking a powerful mobile strategy to market as part of a high impact multimedia program for your clients.  We can help you do it quickly.




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