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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Multimedia Sales Training/Revenue Generation Program

What does the Blinder Group do?

The Blinder Group assists media companies in quickly maximizing sizable new and incremental revenue by leveraging their online and traditional advertising resources into effective local sales programs. To assist in the achievement of those revenues, The Blinder Group provides on-site training that includes guidance, facilitation, implementation, and assistance in the actual sale of those programs to local advertisers through a "4-legged" sales training/closing call process with the local ad reps. It is through that process of riding with the reps and "showing them the money," that a true appreciation of the multimedia sales process is adopted.

Many examples of these proven programs, in markets of varying sizes, may be reviewed at our case studies.

Why should I hire the Blinder Group?

If you are a media company that has a goal to increase your total "market share" of revenue from local advertisers, then you should hire The Blinder Group!

When advertisers can cost-effectively place advertisements online within an individual media company's high traffic Web site, they are able to "reach" new and different audiences, thus increasing the value to the advertiser. Plus, if the media company leaves the advertisement online for an extended period, above and beyond the period of time the ad appears in the traditional product, the aggregate "frequency" of the advertising campaign is increased, since the ad can be viewed more times by more potential customers.

By placing ads online, a media company is able to offer their advertiser a wider audience of desirable readers in an easy to implement manner. In short, the media company has the ability to easily increase the "reach and frequency" of the ads they sell, by "up-selling" them to an online platform or platforms.

The Blinder Group has made ascertainment calls on tens of thousands of advertisers all over the world. In most instances, when the advertiser is asked if they would see value in having this option available to them, they respond with a resounding: "Yes!" Advertisers easily perceive the many values such a program offers them:

  • They can have the same message they place with the media company in front of more potential customers.
  • A large percentage of the online readers are different than the traditional audience.
  • Having the message remain online for a longer period of time increases its effectiveness.
  • Advertisers who have an existing Web site, can "drive traffic" to it, by linking these online ads to the site.
  • Their media company ad representative becomes a "one-stop" resource allowing the advertiser to have a multimedia-marketing program, easily.

The Blinder Group has presented multimedia programs to hundreds of advertisers in all sized markets, all over North America, with extremely positive results. When The Blinder Group has worked with traditional media sales reps in properly presenting multimedia sales programs, over 50% of advertisers purchase the programs.

Most of the dollars generated for our clients are new money!

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How does your training program work?

All over world the Blinder Group has documented that advertisers will spend more with traditional media companies when multimedia sales programs are presented properly. The "objections" to be overcome are usually internal at the property itself. The Blinder Group has visited over 350 (large- and small-market) media companies, where the same objections for why the sales people won't embrace multimedia sales concepts are heard:

  • "We have too much 'on our plate' right now to sell anything else."
  • "We don't understand the Internet, and can't sell it."
  • "Selling the Web is too hard and takes too long to explain."
  • "Our customers already have Web sites getting them no results."
  • "The Web is a competitive media. Advertisers will 'cannibalize' their traditional budgets to pay for it. If we sell it, we will simply be 'switching' money from 'one pocket to another'."

And many, many others.

The process of adding Web components to existing sales processes can be simplified. The value propositions the Web brings to advertisers can be made clear and easy to understand. More importantly, the sales force needs to understand how much more they can benefit their advertisers by adopting a multimedia approach to their sales effort. Finally, once a traditional media salesperson realizes they can make more sales, resulting in more commissions, the idea usually becomes much more palatable to them.

The process of being able to sell Web products with the traditional media products requires effective training of the traditional sales team. The Blinder Group has proven methods that help the traditional media sales people feel empowered to embrace these concepts. The Blinder Group will not only train the media company's sales representative, but also accompany them on calls and show them how to "close business," generating large revenues for our clients! The Blinder Group employs a team of highly experienced, respected associates who are considered the best at on-site training of your sales team. Moreover, their ability to win the respect of your advertisers during the sales call process is key in our ability to help generate revenue for you! When a Blinder Group associate is in your market, you have an onsite "expert" to help move an advertiser's product and service through effective advertising strategies. No other sales trainers in the industry have worked with more small-, medium- or large-sized advertisers, in all business categories, than the Blinder Group team.

A number of industry publications have written about The Blinder Group training model as well as our team of associate trainers. Feel free to access these articles at our press page.

The Blinder Group offers five basic services for our client media companies:

1) Planning and Sales Program Development: During a visit to a client media company, The Blinder Group associate will ask to meet with local online and traditional sales and marketing management. The purpose of the meeting is to develop ready-to-implement multimedia sales program(s). These programs will be designed to significantly increase revenue over the next 60 to 90 days. For new clients this meeting is conducted on-site during the initial visit to the media property.

2) Training: During a visit to a client media company, the Blinder Group associate will conduct basic multimedia-training for all traditional ad representatives. This session will assist in shifting the paradigm of conventional sales people to break down their fears of the internet and help them increase their understanding of the role interactive media can play as a viable marketing solution for their advertisers. This training is also designed to educate traditional sales people on how to easily and effectively sell multimedia products and services. These training sessions have proven to be an effective way to educate sales and sales support people in the value of online products in the local advertiser's media mix. Also, this classroom training element is designed to motivate the traditional ad representatives to set up calls with their advertisers, upon the Blinder Group's return visit (see below).

3) Creation of Sales Support Materials: As part of our services, the Blinder Group will assist in the development of the collateral material necessary to take any developed multimedia program(s) to market. The Blinder Group believes that interactive products should be sold to advertisers using simple, easy to display sales presentations that graphically display the value propositions of the Web offering. Traditional ad representatives appreciate this easy-to-use sales tool, since it does not require having to use a computer on a sales call in order to close interactive related business. Examples of sales presentations are available within our case studies.

A typical Blinder Group sales program involves two visits to a client media property. The first visit is to facilitate a strategic planning session to develop a program, along with our performing the basic sales training necessary (see above) for the sales representatives to set up the calls for a return visit (see below). It is between those visits that the Blinder Group works off-site to assist in the creation of all sales support materials so that the representatives are armed with the tools they need to make sales!

4) Sales Call Assistance: To ensure success in the selling of developed multimedia sales programs, the Blinder Group associate will return to the market to accompany the traditional sales staff on assisted "four-legged" sales training/closing calls. Each call will be conducted with two goals in mind:

  • Short-term Goal: To leverage the experience of the accompanying Blinder Group associate and make certain revenue goals are met through closing sales and generating sizable revenue.
  • Long-term Goal: To reinforce training. This practical training will empower the traditional sales person to continue successful selling of multimedia programs in the future.

A typical return visit is five full days of intensive 4-legged sales training/closing calls.

5) Ongoing Support: The Blinder Group will provide ongoing communication with senior and sales management of the media company for six months following the deployment of the program(s). This communication will include strategies on implementing effective sales programs. For one full year all successes and methods of sales successes from other clients will be shared in detail via an online newsletter.

To review, a typical sales training program incorporates:

  • Initial one-day visit: Strategic planning session and sales team training
  • Between visits: Sales support material creation
  • Return five-day visit: All day, "4-legged" assisted sales training/ closing calls, to close business!

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How much money can I expect to make?

Most programs deployed are geared for 12-month advertiser commitments, so sizable revenus should be expected. The Blinder Group strives to design and implement sales programs that augment new business for our client media companies. Most revenue garnered from this program comes from competing media or is new business from new advertisrs. It is a Blinder Group policy to not undertake and assist in executing a sales program that generates less than three times the fees charged for our services provided and we will guarantee this by contract. The Blinder Group guarantees the minimum "new revenue" generated as a direct result of the sales training/closing calls performed while in-market will meet expectations. Should those results not be met, The Blinder Group will return to repeat the sales training call process at no-charge.

This "guarantee" assumes that the client media company schedules the required number of sales calls with qualified advertiser "decision-makers." "New revenue" generated from our sales training program, which can incorporate both traditional and online components, is usually generated over a 12-month contract period. Due to varying advertiser final "decision-making" processes, some contract "closes" will occur within a 10-20 day period following a market visit's completion. A complete report is issued to the client media company after the market visit that outlines the outcome of each call performed.

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How do I get started?

Utilizing the Blinder Group training model is quite easy. Getting scheduled can be the more difficult process. Due to high demand for the Blinder Group's services, available dates to work in-market with client media companies tend to be "booked" up to 120 days in advance. First, contact Mike Blinder, President of The Blinder Group, to inquire about available dates for a Blinder Group associate to visit your market. Great care should be taken to ensure that senior sales management will be on-site, along with most of the sales staff during these requested dates. The media company should check their own schedule of existing sales program deployment to make sure that there are minimal conflicting deadlines during the Blinder Group Associate's visit.

Following the selection of a market visit date, a conference call is scheduled with senior sales, online management and the Blinder Group support team, to discuss what initial products might be offered to local advertisers. Following that, the Blinder Group will issue a suggested, detailed agenda for the visit.

Mike Blinder's contact information is:
Mike Blinder, President
The Blinder Group, Inc.
6139 Fjord Way
New Port Richey, FL 34652
(727) 847-2464
(US Federal ID #: 59-3747832)

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What does it cost?

The Blinder Group charges our clients a simple day-rate for each day an associate spends in a client market (plus associated travel expenses). The fee does not vary dependent on market size. However, group discounts are available for media companies who request training for multiple markets. Current fees for services may be obtained by contacting Mike Blinder.

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