The Blinder Group just completed three hugely successful sales campaigns in three Civitas Media markets.  Congratulations to the amazing ad teams at The Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre PA), Lima News (Lima OH) and The Telegraph (Alton IL).

Local businesses were offered a mix of print and digital ad products for one attractive monthly fee in exchange for a year long commitment, allowing the local newspaper companies to lock up hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue (and local market share!).

Though offering a comprehensive local ad program was a driver, the red hot button in these markets was the extended audience buys that were included to supplement ad banners on the newspaper websites.

Using premium banner ad placements on a network of major national websites, the program allows clients to target specific zip codes in or out of the newspaper market.  Once geography is specified, the network uses a combination of contextual, search and site retargeting to zero in on the best local prospects for the client's business.  The goal of the network buy is "zero waste."

The precise targeting appealed to even the smallest of local businesses, but was a major hook for regional businesses with locations outside the newspaper footprint.  

By the end of each campaign, the local newspaper sales teams were basking in the empowerment that comes with being able to precisely target customers in any zip code in the country for their clients!  This is a big competitive differentiator for a local media company.  

There are other programs out there, and about half the clients we met with had some prior exposure to the concept of behavioral targeting.  We made education about such programs a part of the basic presentations, so that clients came away with the understanding that this network involves premium ad inventory and superior methodolgy.  

We wanted to prepare clients for the inevitable pitches from other local competitors, and to be prepared with the right questions to avoid wasting money.  We started by explaining that similar ad programs go by different names - behavioral targeting, extended audience, reach extension, and sometimes simply "national network."

We explained the significant differences between premium networks and remnant buys, since they often sound similar, but offer very different value propositions.

Auto dealers were our toughest targets in terms of "been there done that" but several dealers bought the program after listening to the details.  One dealer added the package to an existing targeted buy from another source, because he was impressed with the details and the superior reporting of the Civitas Media offering.

If you can deliver a great targeted network buy to businesses in your local market, you are positioned to lock up huge market share in 2015.  Give us a shout today and let's talk strategy for your market.




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