The Blinder Group has been very busy during the first weeks of this New Year—generating more dollars for the global newspaper industry than any other in our 18-year history. To date, The Blinder Group clients have achieved over $425,000 in new ad revenue for 2017, with half of those dollars coming from traditional print advertising.

Client newspapers we have worked with so far this year include:

  • Wick Communications--Sierra Vista (AZ) Herald
  • Gatehouse Media--Eastern North Carolina Group
  • Digital First Media--Northern California Group
  • Bermuda Royal Gazette
  • OPSA Media Honduras


In each of these markets, Mike Blinder consulted on best practices in sales pricing and packaging as well as brought his exciting and dynamic multimedia education workshop to local business owners. During these workshops, business owners learned how to effectively use multimedia strategies and were offered tailored products and packages crafted by our client media companies as possible multimedia marketing solutions. In most cases, those tailored solutions blended the dominant reach of the local newspaper’s print and Web products with innovative programmatic audience extension, social media marketing and assistance with search engine optimization. In the case of Digital First Media, The Blinder Group assisted in the crafting of a new real estate marketing solution that was widely embraced by many Northern California real estate brokers and agents!

In addition, the highly experienced trainers/advisors of The Blinder Group rode along with the local sales force, assisting them with presenting products and programs to local business owners.

“I can’t tell you how much I love this job," said Mike Blinder, president of The Blinder Group. “I wake up each morning when in-market focused on helping a thriving newspaper leverage its credibility, audience, and content to maximize revenue. I'm just so honored to help this amazing industry adapt and thrive in such an ever-changing media landscape."



About The Blinder Group

More than 350 media companies throughout the world have worked with The Blinder Group, a team of highly experienced trainers/advisors who assist clients in maximizing their revenue opportunities through effective onsite sales training and revenue generation programs. 

As founder and president of The Blinder Group, Mike Blinder is an internationally recognized expert on media advertising and author. His book Survival Selling reviews the fundamentals of B2B sales and has been acclaimed as a “must read” by managers and salespeople in all industries.



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